(Updated, 12:08 p.m. Friday)

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department is warning motorists to stop moving traffic barrels on Hwy. 153 in the town of Bevent, and will step up patrols to prevent further issues.

Some drivers have been moving traffic barrels, east of County Highway Y, so they can drive through that area, according to a department Facebook post.

The traffic barrels have been placed there by the Marathon County Highway Department for citizen safety to mark an area where the highway is submerged under water.

“Please exercise caution and avoid this section of State Highway 153 until further notice,” the post reads. “The additional rain we have received will make the situation even worse, and the north and south ditch areas contain a substantial amount of water in which a vehicle could be submerged if it left the roadway.”

The public is cautioned not to move these barrels for safety reasons.