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Driver rescued after van gets stuck in Wisconsin drawbridge

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Firefighters had to rescue a man after his minivan became wedged in a drawbridge in downtown Green Bay.

Officials say the van got stuck between one of the opening spans and the fixed roadway on the Walnut Street Bridge early Thursday.

The Green Bay Metro Fire Department says the driver went around the traffic arm and apparently drove onto the opening span, then coasted back into the gap. Firefighters worried the van could fall through the opening, so they cut a hole in the van’s roof and pulled the man through the hole. Video shows a heavy duty wrecker lifting the van out of the gap.

The man was not hurt. Officials say the bridge was not damaged.

(Photo: The Inquisitr)


  1. This just proves what I have always suspected. Hysterical being anybody with the money for a drivers license can get one. How stupid do you have to be to end up in a situation like this?

    • Not only that, but I wonder if this mental midget will be responsible for the police/firefighter/ems crews dispatched and forced to extricate his stupid arse or if the taxpayers will foot the bill. I think we both know the answer to that question……

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