ROTHSCHILD — Five women face criminal prostitution charges after they were arrested over a three-day span in Rothschild, police said Monday.

All five women were advertising their services on social media, said Rothschild Police Chief Jeremy Hunt. Three were arrested at a private residence and two were taken into custody at local hotels.

Shavonne L. Oliphant, 26, of Milwaukee; Heather R. Bergstrom, 23, of Loyal; Shelby M. Klopp, 25, of Milwaukee; Taezia O. Whitelow, 20, of Milwaukee; and Kristina L. Saylor, 29, of Gurnee, Ill. were all taken to the Marathon County Jail, Hunt said.

“You’ll see these are people from out of the area who are coming to our community for criminal activity,” Hunt said.

Oliphant was arrested Friday, according to the police report. The additional four arrests were made on Sunday.

All five suspects face probable misdemeanor charges of prostitution/soliciting without a permit, according to the police reports. Saylor faces an additional charge of bail jumping, and Whitelow is expected to face additional drug charges.

Additional information is expected to be released today.

5 replies on “UPDATE: Five arrested on prostitution charges”

  1. Doesn’t it seem odd that no men were arrested. What about the Johns? Perhaps it is time to reassess the way the law is written (and applied).

  2. If you are looked by to post the shots of the “johns” I would start by questioning any local students enrolled in a school for the blind.

    1. LOL! Well played, Stan!
      Seriously tho, maybe the arrests were part of a sting, so there were no “customers” for these specific arrests. Just a thought.

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