MOSINEE — Pro football players from Green Bay on Tuesday were in Mosinee for a sneak peak at the latest generation of high intensity therapeutic lasers.

David Bakhtiari and Josh Hawkins made the trip to get a first look at the prototype for a powerful healing laser co-developed by Integrated Pain Solutions’ Dr. Curt Draeger. The laser is soon to be manufactured here in central Wisconsin and will be integrated into Pain Solutions’ chronic pain treatment protocols in Green Bay and Mosinee.

“For me, I’ve had issues in my knees, and to take away the pain in my knees, and for everyday living, is just amazing…it helps me both on and off the field,” Bakhtiari said.

More than a dozen current players on Green Bay’s roster rely on high intensity laser therapy from Integrated Pain Solutions to enhance performance, recover from injury, manage pain and get back on the field each week.

“I would say the care is very progressive, very forward. They’re always trying to stay in front of the curve,” Bakhtiari said.

Therapeutic lasers have been used in Europe since the 1970s, but are just now becoming more widely available in the U.S.

“I first began using cold laser therapy in 2005, and found that its ability to relieve pain and promote healing was unlike anything I had ever seen,” Draeger said.

But as he worked with the therapy, he found limitations, especially when working with athletes. Draeger got into contact with the laser manufacturer and began work with them to improve the technology. Over time, Draeger moved from using cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, to co-developing more powerful, high intensity lasers.

“I knew what I needed the laser to do for my patients, and they knew how to translate my needs to their technology,” he said.

Even then, Draeger ran into obstacles dealing with overseas manufacturers who weren’t as nimble as he needed them to be.

“I wanted to build my own lasers, and I wanted to do it here in Wisconsin,” Draeger said.

That dream is nearing reality as Draeger and his partners are working to finalize production of their new lasers in Central Wisconsin. These new lasers will replace the lasers currently used at Integrated Pain Solutions in the coming weeks. They will also accompany Draeger’s team as they travel to the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo with Team USA’s decathletes.

After touring the Mosinee clinic, the players also toured Crystal Finishing Systems, which is adjacent to Integrated Pain Solutions.