By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

SCHOFIELD, Wis. – The Schofield city council has denied a liquor license application for a proposed new night club in the Old Western Village.

The council on Tuesday voted unanimously to deny issuing the license to building owner Ed Kraimer and the proposed Twisted Sports Bar. Kraimer had applied for the license as the agent of AC/DC Inc., but village attorney Shane Vanderwaal told the council that was a misrepresentation of who is actually in charge of that company.

Everest Metro police chief Wally Sparks agreed with Vanderwaal’s assessment.

“He said he was the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and agent for AC/DC Inc, but in checking with the Department of Financial Institutions there was a different party listed as the agent,” Sparks said.

Information on record with the state shows that the registration of AC/DC was updated in March of this year, but that someone by the name of Robert Miscovich III is listed as the person in charge of the company. Sparks says Kraimer also failed to present any documents or articles of incorporation for AC/DC.

At this point, Sparks says it will be up for the city to decide whether or not Kraimer will be allowed to reapply for the license. “The fact that he basically misrepresented himself, or in other words lied on his application, is grounds for denial.”

Kraimer is the former owner of Grand Daddy’s Gentlemens Club in Schofield, and has managed and owned a number of nightclubs and bars in the past. Twisted Sports Bar is set to be open on the former site of Koo Coo’s Comedy Nest, but without a liquor license, it’s not clear what the future of the location will be.

Kraimer did not speak at last night’s meeting.

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