By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

WESTON, Wis. – Weston’s very own escape room is getting some new features for 2018.

Cracked owner Paul Smith says they’re busy working to add a fourth scenario to their collection of escape rooms. He says that takes time, because every room is specially crafted at Cracked.

“We don’t purchase games and puzzles from other designers, we actually build and create them ourselves,” Smith said.

He wouldn’t give any hints about the next design either, saying it’s going to be a surprise when it comes out.

Running the escape rooms at Cracked are an excellent way to beat the winter blues.

“It’s really great to have an entertainment option that’s more than just looking at a screen,” Smith said. “We really wanted to create something that’s intellectually challenging and where can work together, create memories and have experiences.”

Working together to find an escape is a good group activity, not only for friends and families, but also for strangers booked to the same session.

Cracked currently has three scenarios: a prohibition styled room, a ‘date-night disaster’ where a group has to escape from a party gone wrong, and a ‘secret of the woods’ scenario where the team has to solve a mysterious disappearance at a campsite.

Sessions are available as full groups or as separate groups that are paired together. Find out more online at

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