By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis. – A group seeking to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is taking their fight to Rib Mountain Tuesday night.

The citizens action group Wisconsin United to Amend is presenting a resolution to the town board asking for a non-binding referendum petitioning Wisconsin to join the fight for a constitutional amendment that would remove corporate interests from campaign finance.

Spokesperson Rita Pachal says there’s too much money coming into elections now and no one is being held accountable.

“There’s Super PACS, there’s dark money, you have no idea where this money is coming from or who is putting it in,” Pachal said.

Pachal believes that money is also polarizing politics by forcing politicians to make decisions based on who’s donating money to elections, rather than simply following the will of the people.

“If they don’t vote the correct way, according to the big money, they will be primaried and voted out,” Pachal said.

Nearly 120 other communities across Wisconsin have already ratified and passed that referendum, including Wausau. The measure will also be on the ballot in Marshfield this April.

That meeting will be at the Rib Mountain town hall Tuesday January 16 at 6:00 PM.