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Letters: Weston residents deserve answers from candidates

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I am writing to you to express a deep concern with the candidacy of Shawn Black for County Board and Weston trustee.

Mr. Black has a website which espouses lower taxes, utility rates and support for police and fire.  These are values that I support.  However, I noticed his website was devoid of any substance with regard to the issues the village faces. I sent him a message through the contact form asking for a return phone call.  I never heard back from him at all.

Yesterday I asked a few specific questions of him on his Facebook page (embedded below). A staffer responded as follows: “Mr. Black is very busy at the moment traveling and with meetings. With your request, Mr. Black does not comment on sitting public officials or their work…”  When I pressed the staffer further he deleted my post and blocked me from commenting on the page.

Later I opened the spam folder of my email client and found a mass message from his campaign. I’ve attached the email so you can see that it implies that he is endorsed by Governor Walker when, in fact, he isn’t.

Without a doubt, we need some change in Weston.  We deserve answers from local candidates and officials. This man has demonstrated that he has no grasp on the issues and will not be made to answer to voters. He’s not afraid to use deceit.  We deserve better.  Please vote for ANYBODY other than Shawn Black on February 20th.

Andy Sutton, Weston

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