By Raymond Neupert/South Metro Observer

WAUSAU, Wis. – Families from across Central Wisconsin opened up their homes to older cats this February as part of a special event at the Marathon County Humane Society.

Executive director Lisa Leitermann says the shelter adopted out 66 cats through February.

“The majority were cats that we’ve had here for months that are now in brand new homes and loving it,” Leiterman said.

The shelter came into February with over 110 cats, and the Humane Society decided to waive adult cat adoption fees to help find older cats some new homes and also free up room in the shelter.

“By my last count, we have 64 cats in the building, and that is unheard of to be under 100 at any period of time.”

Leitermann says that allows shelter workers to give more time and attention to the cats that are in the building, and to make sure that those empty cages are ready to handle the coming influx of pregnant cats and litters of kittens during ‘kitten season’.

She adds that this also means less stress on the cats that are currently in the building.

“Just having that special and having people come in and browse, even the cats that are left here have had a lot more attention too,” Leitermann said. “And now those cats that didn’t get that much attention before are now going to be in the spotlight.”

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