MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker plans to sign nine welfare overhaul bills into law that include increasing the work requirement for food stamp recipients and imposing it on parents for the first time.

Walker planned to sign the bills Tuesday in Wausau, River Falls and Milwaukee.

Republicans were united in support of the bills, saying the changes will help put more people back to work. Democrats were similarly united against them, saying it will make it more difficult for people to get food and rise out of poverty.

The bills would increase from 20 to 30 hours a week the time that able-bodied adults, and now parents of school-aged children, have to be working or in job training to receive food stamps.

One reply on “Walker to sign 9 welfare overhaul bills into law”

  1. I am not generally a Scott Walker fan but I agree with what I know of the bills he is preparing to sign into law. Good job Govenor Walker!
    As for the liberals, (in my opinion) welfare benefits are not intended to lift people financially, they are there to help stabilize people as a stop gap so the participants can lift themselves.

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