PORTAGE, Wis. (AP) — Portage police say two officers were attacked, with one losing consciousness, as they tried to arrest a man on a parole violation.

Authorities say a woman with the man they were arresting punched an officer in the face several times while he was trying to handcuff the suspect Sunday evening.

Police say a second officer trying to restrain the woman was kicked in the face and head by the man and lost consciousness. An off-duty nurse saw the struggle and aided the unconscious officer. The female suspect began fighting with the first officer again and started yelling about having a knife.

Authorities say the nurse slammed the woman against a wall and held her until the unconscious officer came to and arrested her.

The man from Waunakee and the woman from Rio are both 21.

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  1. As a nurse who worked with law enforcement for over 38 years I applaud the off duty nurse who stepped up to help the officers and who controlled the assaulting female until the officer could restrain that person. Good job!
    Portage County Sheriff, that nurse deserves to be recognized and awarded a plaque for stepping up and stepping in.

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