By Dan Newman

The Mint Cafe has been the cornerstone of Wausau eateries for over a hundred years now. This history is celebrated everywhere you look once inside. Memorabilia is on the walls, tables and counter tops, which compliments the old time diner vibe. There’s a counter to sit at, you can see the cooks making your food, and it’s been that way since I was a kid.

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I was after some breakfast, but I keep strange hours so it was a long shot. They stopped serving breakfast at 11, so lunch it was. The Malibu Chicken sandwich looked tasty, grilled chicken breast and shaved ham with Swiss cheese and honey mustard sauce on the side.  Yes please, with onion rings!

It was a good choice, too. The chicken breast was juicy and cooked well, and so was the ham, and the presentation was appetizing. Swiss cheese kept it all together on the bun for a sandwich experience I’d like to have every day. The crispy batter on the onion rings was satisfying to bite into and the onion inside was moist and hot. I really have no complaints about the food at all. Kudos to you, Mint Cafe!

Though I didn’t need it, I had a slice of pistachio pie for dessert. It had a couple layers on the flaky crust, pistachio pudding on the top, and finished off with whipped cream. Good texture, flavorful, it was a nice little spring treat.

The Mint has a pretty consistent atmosphere. It’s always been a family friendly place to a have a chill meal. This visit was no different. The waitstaff was pleasant, the restaurant was clean and busy, and the mood was relaxed.

Like any Wausau native, I recommend The Mint Cafe. It’s Wausau wrapped up in a package, and they have good food too. How can you lose?

The Mint Cafe

422 3rd Street

Wausau WI 54403


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