WAUSAU — A new chapter of Amnesty International is planned for Wausau, with an informational meeting slated for Friday, Aug. 10.

The meeting will be held at 2 p.m. at La Prima Deli, 529 Third St., Wausau and is open to the public. Wausau native Michael Andrews is spearheading the effort.

Andrews began his work with Amnesty International in 1993 in Miami and was elected group coordinator of AI #248 in 1994.

“With all the human rights issues happening around the world he thought that people in Wausau would be a great place to start a new Amnesty International chapter,” Andrews said. “AIUSA Area Coordinators are tasked to help start new local groups. Wausau is a great place to have a new AIUSA group.

Andrews said most satisfying accomplishment was creating and coordinating “Get Up, Stand Up, Paint for Human Rights”, AI-Miami’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More than 200 children from all parts of Miami-Dade assembled on 6 blocks of Lincoln Road to paint on canvas their impressions of human rights.

After several years as Group Coordinator Mr. Andrews stepped down to volunteer as the Area Coordinator for South Florida. He has served on the national AIUSA Area Coordinator Steering Committee for ten years and has served as Chair of the committee. He is also founder, director and cellist of the South Beach Chamber Ensemble.

For information, email Andrews at mandrews17@mindspring.com.


11 replies on “Wausau native aims to add local Amnesty International chapter”

  1. Visit the site he once worked for AIUSA – https://www.amnestyusa.org/

    The main page of this site says it all. How about helping those that should be here.

    human rights? Yes! Amnesty for those who are illegal? No thanks! Stop trying to normalize being here illegal. Of course illegals should not be treated badly but they should not get more rights than those who are part of this country. Such as those who are being trafficked or abused within the United States.

  2. todd, the goals and issues cited by Amnesty International part and parcel of what we used to promote in America, a nation of immigrants and freedom and opportunity…


    Sounds like what Jesus was teaching and Christians and other compassionate people believe…

    Helping our own is what our Constitution is all about, but it also extends to immigrants and that is the power of the United States.

    1. Funny how liberals always bring Jesus into the mix. I cannot help but wonder what Jesus would think about the liberal position on abortion.

      1. Jesus never had to deal with abortion in the first century!

        I mention Jesus, because my faith is strong!
        I mention Jesus because he was concerned with many of the things that Amnesty International is concerned with:


        REFUGEE &


        & HUMAN RIGHTS

        DEADLY FORCE &


        & IDENTITY

        AT RISK

  3. It’s truly pathetic how some people refuse to comprehend that (the last time I checked) nobody is opposed to immigration to the United States. What many of us vehemently oppose is ILLEGAL immigration. That simple fact soars above a lot of heads.

    1. call, vehemently opposed to minors who came to the United States with their parents… that would be a misdemeanor and at their age, they weren’t calling the shots, but when refugees enter the US and seek asylum, they have not committed a crime, they are not illegal, they are covered by American Laws and International Law… the zero tolerance policy violated those laws and could be considered a “crime against humanity.”

      Legal immigration is not going so well, with back logs of 4 million people, waiting periods of 10 to 20 years, amazing how fast Melania got her papers and her family was brought in through chain migration.

      Sad that your simple claims are not concerned with the injustice and mistreatment of refugees crossing the border to avoid death and rape and having family members forced to join gangs in their home countries.

  4. Sorry, I read you post and felt a response was necessary! Just felt that information was needed to clear the the air!

  5. Call1911…In regards to the legal v illegal thing, I tend to think people get it. But I think there is such a fundamental divide in that specific discussion that it is hard to get together. Combine the fact that those people who want to advocate for a position of power seek votes, they consistently use this issue to divide. Which makes sense, the strategy being, divide the group, speak to your supporters, get them excited, and kaboom you have a voting base.

    I think both sides do this. I think the immigration debate has been tarnished by someone like Stephen Miller or Nancy Pelosi, both seeking to use it not to make the county better, but to secure and energize there desired base.

  6. And I absolutely adore how this thread, like all threads, fell apart.

    One guy, seeking to do something nice in this country locally, and the debate turns into this.

    We are all getting fooled, and we are all triggered.

  7. I am not sure most people tend to get anything… not without having the informations and understanding the facts… http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/edumat/hreduseries/hereandnow/Part-5/8_udhr-abbr.htm what are the Human Rights and what does the US Constitution say about liberty and justice? What about International Law?

    A thread doesn’t fall apart from including more talking points and information, truth isn’t designed to fool anyone and being triggered into and action that is beneficial to humanity, freedom, and justice is not bad.

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