By Dan Newman

The Blue Willow Restaurant is another member of Wausau’s cuisine royalty, serving up quick and inexpensive meals in a family-friendly environment.

I picked up with another Wausau-based YouTuber who goes by B Fochs (like Fox) and we headed over to Blue Willow for some lunch.

The place was packed, which is not uncommon. There’s a counter you can sit at, and also a dining area packed tight with tables and booths. Country music plays on the radio, and I haven’t seen more cowboy hats anywhere else town.

We were seated directly and the waitstaff was with us right away. One thing to note, if you’re a coffee drinker, they fill your cup as often as you’d like. During our visit, three different people filled my cup, and a couple did twice.

We ordered and the food came pretty fast. My friend got a Blue Willow Burger.

I went with the Blue Willow Skillet, whole wheat toast on the side.

This dish starts with crispy, golden brown hash browns and lots of them. It also had fried green peppers, ham and a heap of cheddar cheese. This was topped with scrambled eggs. You can get it different ways, but this was how I got it.

The meal was just like I would make it at home. The peppers were crisp, the ham was juicy, the eggs were cooked all the way through. It was good, but it wasn’t anything special. It’s a fun place to go, I enjoy my visits to this eatery, but the food is a little bland.

I would still recommend Blue Willow on atmosphere alone. It feels like the heartbeat of the city in there. Plus, the portions are practically massive and the price is fair. Our check was like twenty bucks. Blue Willow is one of higher volume restaurants in town, and it’s kinda like Wausau’s soul food.

Check out my video review above to see the place, the food and to meet another Wausau-based food YouTuber!

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  1. The “Willow” is our go to place for breakfast, which they serve all day. Great food, great service, and reasonable prices are a winning combination. By the way, you WILL not go away hungry, the portions are substantial.

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