Dear editor:

You’ve likely heard that Alyson Leahy is a Democrat who understands the importance of labor unions and the role they play in our economy to increase overall wages and safety in our workplaces and communities. Leahy has been endorsed by the WI State AFL-CIO and has the support of the Marathon County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, of which I’m President. So, you’re probably not shocked that I’m supporting Alyson Leahy for Assembly District 85.

But the main reason I think you should support Alyson is because she truly understands the job of a State Representative and the importance that when an elected official is placed in that position she needs to represent ALL the people, not just the ones that voted for her, or only the ones who align with her beliefs or pay the most in campaign contributions. In my time getting to know Alyson she has shown herself to be very knowledgeable, a good listener, and willing to listen to all parties and information before making important decisions. The ability to reach across the aisle is something I believe is lacking in many of our representatives today.

Please join me in supporting Alyson Leahy on Nov. 6 for the 85th Assembly.

Randy Radtke
President of Marathon County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

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26 replies on “Letters: “Why I support Alyson Leahy for the 85th Assembly””

  1. “Leahy has been endorsed by the WI State AFL-CIO and has the support of the Marathon County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO”………
    Which is EXACTLY why I’m NOT voting for her.

    1. She will support funding for education, health care, rebuilding or our infrastructure… that means jobs, income, and improvements and more tax dollars for our state through growth…

      FYI, unions have worked to protect workers, improve wages and benefits and I doubt that you can make a cogent comment on why they should be outlawed when the rights are part of our constitution, and wages have stagnated in Wisconsin and Nationally for the last 30+ years…

      Due process and a living wage are key issues for unions and I am a proud union member and we worked to crate a great teaching environment and safe working place and 7 of the 9 schools in our district are still ranked in the top 40 in the state and the other two consistently won awards for their teaching… called good people working together to achieve better results.

  2. Call, we have been on a streak of being good, so I want keep that up. Lots of people talk about how union endorsement is a negative. Why is it specifically the reason you will not vote for her?

    1. Because I believe unions are a pariah and nothing more than a money laundering “facility” for liberal causes. Tell me why a teacher (say at NTC or any other PUBLIC entity) should be FORCED into paying dues to a union that 100% supports liberal/democrat/socialist causes? It’s absolutely insane. Name ONE other entity that literally STEALS earned wages from its employees (involuntarily) to support a cause and/or political party they strongly oppose. That’s why, Dino.

      1. Call, You are allowed to have those believes, but not the misinformation connected with the beliefs.

        You say, I believe unions are a pariah… (you do realize that is straight out of the Fascist playbook to destroy unions and trade guides in Europe and imprison leaders? We can discuss that sometimes.

        In college, joining the NEA as a professional organization was was highly recommended, I also joined the Council for Exceptional Children, Council for Learning Disabilities and we campaigned to get laws passed to insure that special students were given an opportunity for education, we promoted accessibility to building and the workplaces, and surprise surprise the Republican Party was opposed to many of these advances.

        What was more surprising, I was a member of theRepublican Party and as a College Young Republican I attended a convention supporting Goldwater and all the planks in the platform.

        Then I taught in a public school, as a graduate assistant, ran for percent committee man and when I won… I was informed by the Republican Party that they already had someone doing the job and that as a public school teacher, I didn’t belong in the Republican Party.

        So after a short time as an Independent I joined the Democratic Party and the GOP flat out disappeared over the horizon as they pushed further right into the area of the John Birchers and corporate ranks and pushed more and more ALEC laws. Something else we can discuss.

        I remember in 1982, Barry Goldwater and Bob Dole were labeled liberals by the Republican Party.

        “money laundering “facility” for liberal causes.” union dues were used to run the organization, train people, establish grants, support curriculums, and other professionals goals… basically education and communication.
        Jjust what is wrong with liberal causes… affordable housing, food, a living wage, health care, transportation, education, Social Security, Medicare, the EPA, the PPACA, a plan to allow every American access to comprehensive quality healthcare that covered pre-exisitng conditions with no limits coverage and eight other benefits.

        Tell me why a teacher, because the School Board, Superintendents and the Financial Officers in public schools have there organizations that meet together and decide about education and exclude teachers form the process. (NTC should have a union to support the teachers and staff and guarantee safe working conditions and due process.) When I ran for the School Board… they gave me an excellent education about how to be a school board member and tried to give me and indoctrination… but as a classroom teacher, I was basically immune. I new what was going on!

        PUBLIC education too many administrator that violate their authority regularly and only having a union, representatives and grievance can the contract enforced.

        FYI, paying dues to a union that 100% supports supports the workers and what they vote for causes?
        Point of order… teacher by and large are the most conservative group of people with BA’s and Master’s Degrees, they are also residents of the district, have children or relatives in the schools, and pay taxes.

        What is insane, a group votes to have union and everyone is a member, entitled to protections, insurance, and a vote on the governance of the Union.NO ONE STEALS wages from its employees! Union dues cannot be used to support a candidate! But Political Action Committees can collect and use the funds, just like all the Conservative PAC’s.

        Maybe you need to get involved in the union and learn how it works for the workers, students, institution, community and future.

        We really need to have a cup of coffee and talk things out.

  3. So Ms. Leahy will be a union hack is she gets to the People’s Republic of Madison. We have enough of those slugs in Madison already. I will be voting Republican to see that she stays right here in Wausau where we can keep an eye on her.

    1. Excuse me Stan, Ms. Leahy is a well educated, hard working, young lady and a neighbor… she will never any kind of a hack or slug and you insulting tone is despicable. She will work across aisle, because that is how the job is supposed to be done, no more lockstep voting on decisions made in a caucus meeting.

      In the last 30 years, corporate organizations have been spending millions to fight unions and it has resulted in stagnant wages, even during a level of high unemployment and record profits and “tax reforms” that benefits the top earns the most.

      Do you even understand the importance of unions and the benefits you enjoy each and every week… the corporations are organized, the wealthy are organized, WMC, ALEX and other groups are organized to keep wages down and stop workers form organizing.

      The steady increase in unions has paralleled the decline in wages for workers… do you earn a living wage, are you Middle Class?

  4. Stan and Call, I agree vote Republican. And John for your due process we have that already with a union, its called NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)

    1. FMK,
      The NLRB is set up to oversee the relations between employers and unions… they are not a union and when unions are systematically outlawed by the GOP and the right to work instigated… the ability of workers to organize and have a vote is changed, the ability to collect dues is diluted and negotiation costs are not equally shared while the benefits and protections are… unions have done so much for workers and societies and had to face physical struggles, killings, police and army interference in their quest for the right to negotiate… to bad we just never study the real important events in school, civics, how native
      American’s were treated and pacified, how slaves were property and also counted as 3/5ths of a person for representation, even though they could not vote, why it took so long for women to get the vote and why they are systematically underpaid, how immigrants are vital to our national economy and food supply, how blacks were suppressed and killed into the 1960’s, and why tribalism expanded thanks to the efforts of Newt, Koch Brothers, ALEC writing our laws, lobbyists and donors controlling elected officials so our Democracy and struggling Representative Nation has seen our Republic reduced to a corporate oligarchy and plutocracy… and populism and nationalism making it hard for people to see what is really happening.

    1. Sad that these men with no last name are free to besmirch the name of a young and talented woman who is willing to campaign and serve our area. What are you values and where are you standards…

      1. Here we go with the “men”rhetoric….John don’t you understand we aren’t talking about her as a woman or trying to “bring down” a woman. More as an individual person. I know you progressives love to drag gender and race into everything but the left seems to fan the flames with all of the group think..echo chambers ..

      2. Todd,
        You are aware that Stan clearly identified Alyson Leahy as a woman. Then called her a hack and attempted to brand her as a commie… but he missed because she if from Wisconsin, educated, works right here in town.

        Rhetoric is “the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing” I would object to any attempt to slander or label another.

        Woman, man or individual… you are trying to take her down for standing up and running. Having manners and respecting should not be a matter of politics… or is that the new Republican position?

        i happen to be the lone voice for civility in most of the posts, Dino also promotes reason and respectful discourse.

        But the others are an echo chamber, voting against you own rights for Republican leadership?

        Why, I ask? they have damaged nearly every aspect of the state I was born in and love… the faux conservative efforts have costs jobs, healthcare, education, and so much more… what motivates your support?

      3. Besmirch! I see you have been reading the thesaurus again. What makes you think she is talented? She works at East Bay for god sakes. Let her cure cancer, then we can call her talented.

        BTW, I heard her speak st a neighborhood meeting when she was running for county board. Abe Lincoln, she ain’t.

      4. Yes Stan, besmirch – damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others:

        no she is Abe Lincoln, who is one of my favorite Presidents, but she is talented in graphic design and copy writing for ads, has he degree, and has the courage to run for office and a well defined set of principles…

        yes, I am a wit… damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others: damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others: a person who has an aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way: It is helpful in the classroom, on the streets, and really quite fun… I have a proclivity for puns, humor, and double meaning… I am also a lexiphile… feel free to look it up!

        Since I respect each person and the jobs they perform, how can you look down you nose at another person??? make such acidic comments, speak with such bias and venom about things you really don’t understand and the wonderful people that have differing views and still have great love and appreciations for our nation, world, and the people in it…

    1. For starters, I know the NLRB works with unions and employers and unions have contracts and they have a direct relationship between the employer and the employee. I was in a union, I also was the son of a union man, we developed a working relationship with the school district in a right to work state and we developed quality education and working conditions… it is called a Win – Win

      Second, I have a last name and am proud to stand behind what I say.

      So your stands mean you support taking cheap shots at a woman candidate, “union hack” “slug” or even at me for promoting civility and transparency… how can I hold candle to you when you are just another troll!

      1. Stan said she and her… Is that now off limits? Stan next time call her “it “so John feels better. We are tying to take her down for standing up for what she believes in? We don’t discriminate..we just don’t progressive ideas man or woman lol..also nobody’s trying to take her down. Any person that runs should expect to be criticized or praised.

  5. Well don’t let your head continue to spin with folks that don’t post with two names, its done for a purpose for people like you.

  6. For people that claim to be great candle holders?

    The people that know me realize that I speak the truth and stand behind my comments!

  7. Call,

    Thank you. I promised I was not trying to trick you into some nonsense, or any of that. It is a common refrain, and I just wanted you to boil it down a bit.

    Thank you. I do not know that it helped a lot, but it helped some.

    1. No problem! By the way, I’m wise to your nonsense, Dino.. 😉
      I’ll refrain from commenting on all of the other absofreakinglute nonsense in this thread…..sheesch.

      1. I do not think I disguise my nonsense very well, do I. But seriously, having had little actual contact with unions in my working life, I have never had strong feelings other than you would expect from a left wing whackadoodle, which is general support.

  8. Call, my friend… I will try to be less whimsical in my comments, as I present the truth about what I know and what I believe in!

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