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Letters: “Why I support Alyson Leahy for the 85th Assembly”

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Dear editor:

You’ve likely heard that Alyson Leahy is a Democrat who understands the importance of labor unions and the role they play in our economy to increase overall wages and safety in our workplaces and communities. Leahy has been endorsed by the WI State AFL-CIO and has the support of the Marathon County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, of which I’m President. So, you’re probably not shocked that I’m supporting Alyson Leahy for Assembly District 85.

But the main reason I think you should support Alyson is because she truly understands the job of a State Representative and the importance that when an elected official is placed in that position she needs to represent ALL the people, not just the ones that voted for her, or only the ones who align with her beliefs or pay the most in campaign contributions. In my time getting to know Alyson she has shown herself to be very knowledgeable, a good listener, and willing to listen to all parties and information before making important decisions. The ability to reach across the aisle is something I believe is lacking in many of our representatives today.

Please join me in supporting Alyson Leahy on Nov. 6 for the 85th Assembly.

Randy Radtke
President of Marathon County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

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