Dear editor,

It should come as no surprise that our State Representative Pat Snyder is putting education and our educators at the top of his priority list.

Pat understands the lasting impact teachers have on our youth with a daughter who teaches at a local elementary school. He has been an advocate for our community to ensure that our teachers have the tools they need to provide our students with a quality education. As a legislator, he supported an increase in public education funding by $636 million dollars. He understands what teachers need and is working for our students and educators.

Pat has also fought to keep our community safe. He supported the $100 million safety grants to provide funding to our schools which allows our students to have a safe place to learn and our teachers a safe place to teach.

Students not only need to feel safe, but also understood. As they enter the classroom, they carry more than their pencil and notebooks. They bring all of their emotions and experiences from home as well. Our teachers do an excellent job teaching our students academics and interpersonal skills. However, we have seen an increase in the need for mental health education and resources in our schools which is why Pat helped to ensure that new and expanded school based mental health programs were made available. Millions of dollars were secured to be used for these programs.

Representative Snyder is our voice for education in Marathon County and Madison.


Joelle Witter, Wausau