Dear editor,

Now that some Democrats have been targeted by a crazy wearing a Trump hat, the Democrat friendly news media is no longer silent about the violence that has been plaguing America for the last 2 years since Trump’s election win. Finally, it seems, two weeks before the midterm election they can rise up in moral outrage over one Trump supporter who mailed some fake bombs to famous Trump haters.  It is the evil orange man who has brought division, hatred, and violence to our peaceful land, they rage.

But for Democrat bullies, who threw a riot on inauguration day and for a week after (remember?), violence has become a way of life. Their leadership encourages it while their media buries the inconvenient truths and gives a pass to those who injure Republicans and trample on the rights of those with whom they disagree. But sooner or later (perhaps Cesar Sayoc was just reacting to all this violence) victims decide not to be victims any longer and the violence escalates. So the next time you Democrat bullies decide to take Maxine Waters advice and get in someone’s face, or Hillary’s advice to not be civil with someone, you might just find someone bigger and better equipped to deal with your harassment. Shame on you.

For a more concise rundown of what is really happening outside of the mainstream media news censors, including the 30 physical attacks and threats against Republican congressmen between May and June see this link:

Kurt Froehlich, Schofield

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