By Dan Newman

I’ve heard Mountain Edge has a good fish fry, so my boy and I headed over to check it out.

Mountain Edge is located in the Quality Inn in Rib Mountain, where you might remember the former Hoffman House. Aside from the normal dining area, there’s a bar, swimming pool you can use if you rent a room, and they can accommodate banquets of up to 400 people.

Check out my video review, linked below, to see the place, the food and everything I talk about in this review.

The dining area is on the small side, but they do have a patio during fairer seasons. The western theme adds an old world feel, and, as my little boy commented, the modern pop music was a welcomed surprise.

The waitstaff was friendly and seated us right away. We started it off with an order of deep fried cheese curds, which they get fresh from Bletsoe Cheese. There’s a light batter on the outside, the inside was soft and chewy. They come with your choice of sauce, we got ranch because the waiter said that’s whats most common.

Our main entree arrived before we’d finished off the curds. I got the beer battered perch, my boy went with a Classic Burger.

The fried perch was good enough to eat without tartar sauce.

Mine came with three beer battered perch fillets, classic sweet and tangy coleslaw and buttered rye bread to finish out the meal. The yeasty flavor of the beer was strong in the batter, and the meat inside was flaky and moist. They had a slight fishy taste, but that’s how perch is, and it tasted so good I ate most of it without tarter sauce. My only recommendation would be the fish could have been a little crispier.

My kid said his burger was excellent, and I admit, I snagged a taste of it too. It was cooked medium well, just as ordered, and was served with onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. But the seasoning they use on the beef made the burger the stand out of our meal. It was a steak seasoning, similar to the standard celery salt variety, but theirs has a deeper flavor that makes the beef patty pop. I can’t place what exactly they use, but I’ll be sure to pick up a burger next time I visit.

The burgers at Mountain Edge have great flavor and passed the taste test with flying colors.

The fries on both our meals were crinkle cut and just what’s you’d expect – slight crisp on the outside, steamy on the inside. Portions on everything were pretty decent.

The head chef came out to our table to make sure the meal was to our liking. We assured him it was, and he visited for a moment and let us finish our meal. As with the rest of the employees we met, everyone was all smiles.

We enjoyed our meal at Mountain Edge, so my son and I both recommend you give them a try.

Mountain Edge

2901 Hummingbird Rd

Wausau, WI 54401

(715) 298-6181