Kyle L. Seehafer, 27, of Wausau. Felony charges filed June 4 include first degree recklessly endangering safety and manufacturing or delivering heroin.

By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A 26-year-old man who gave a near-fatal heroin overdose to a Wausau woman in a downtown parking lot before moving her into the passenger seat of the vehicle and fleeing the scene will spend three years in prison.

Kyle Seehafer, of Wausau, was sentenced Nov. 26 in Marathon County Circuit Court of first degree recklessly endangering safety and manufacturing or delivering heroin. Circuit Judge Mike Moran also ordered Seehafer to spend four years on extended supervision following his three-year stint in prison.

Wausau police responded just before 11 p.m. May 24 to the downtown McDonald’s parking lot after a 911 caller told dispatchers a woman was inside a black Ford vehicle and needed NARCAN, the antidote for an opioid overdose. Two officers arrived within minutes and pulled the unresponsive woman from the passenger seat of the vehicle, lowered her to the pavement and administered three doses of NARCAN before the woman was revived, according to the police report.

After being transported to a local hospital for treatment, the woman admitted injecting heroin about an hour earlier and told police she paid a “friend of a friend” about $18 to purchase the heroin, which they used together.

Police say that friend was Seehafer, who along with another man yet to be identified moved the victim from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat and “left her for dead,” according to court filings.

In an interview, Seehafer initially denied providing or using the heroin and said the woman got high on her own.

“She put me in that predicament by ODing,” Seehafer, allegedly told police.

But police reviewed Facebook messages that allegedly contradicted the statements made by Seehafer, who told police he is a “drug addict, not a dealer,” according to court documents.

Court records show Seehafer was out on bond at the time of his arrest on unrelated charges. He was given 183 days credit for time served while awaiting trial.