By Owen Reissmann for Wausau Pilot and Review

A facilities tour preceded Monday evening’s Village of Weston Board of Trustees meeting. Plans were discussed for a day next week when trustees will tour facilities in several other areas, including Oshkosh and Little Chute.

A Weston resident who had previously been denied an operator’s license due to a police recommendation came forward to ask for special consideration. The board denied his appeal.

Five proposals were received for village attorney services. Keith Donner suggested narrowing the group to two and arranging interviews. President Ermeling brought forward the idea of not choosing one specific attorney to use exclusively. Donner confirmed that such issues would still arise where other attorneys might be needed for specific situations. The board chose to approve the suggestion to arrange interviews.

An idea to have meetings filmed was discussed. The cost to film just the Board of Trustees meetings was estimated at $1,250 for a year. Trustee Yee Leng Xiong spoke in support of the idea for the sake of providing further transparency. President Ermeling expressed hesitance due to the fact that this expense was not budgeted for.

One trustee said he felt uncomfortable approving the capital improvements plan at this time. He felt it necessary for the board to set aside sufficient time to go over each item included in the plan. Some of the projects included in the plan are replacing critical equipment and infrastructure, one street reconstruction, some paving and overlay projects, and updates to village facilities. A resolution is needed by next month to borrow the $1.5 million required by the plan. Thus, there is some urgency. A meeting specifically for the purpose of considering the plan will likely be scheduled soon.

A park memorial request was received. Trustee Shawn Osterbrink shared that many memorial benches and other such items exist throughout the community. However, most of those are functional items. Requests for memorials that aren’t functional are brought to the board. With a single negative vote from President Ermeling—citing the lack of functionality of the memorial, the request was approved.

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