By Shereen Siewert

Authorities are searching for a dog that bit a man Saturday at a Weston dog park after tangling with a German shepherd.

The man was bitten by what health officials describe as a 50- to 60-pound short-haired pit bull mix. The dog’s fur is black, orange, dark gray and white and was being handled by a woman with dark, shoulder length hair. The woman also had two chihuahuas with her at the dog park on Saturday and left in a small red car, according to the Marathon County Health Department.

Officials say the woman called the dog a name that sounded like Harvey or Haley. The man told health officials he was bitten after trying to separate his German shepherd from the woman’s dog.

Anyone with information about the dog or the dog’s owner is urged to contact the Health Department at 715-261-1908 or Marathon County dispatchers at 715-845-7794. Identifying the dog could help officials determine the animal’s rabies vaccination status to prevent the man from undergoing a course of rabies shots, officials said.