Dear editor,

I am writing this regarding the article published on June 20, 2019 “Marathon County Continues Discussion on Designating June as ‘Pride Month’.

Our government has done its job- we are an inclusive society.  All United States citizens whether they are gay, lesbian, or whatever they choose to be already have rights and those rights are protected.  Our government has created and enforced laws to ensure its citizens public safety and provide public services.  Apparently, this is not enough for some people and some people feel they deserve special recognition for their sexual preference.

The resolution to make the month of June ‘Pride Month’ should not be approved.  The document states diversity is a key to future economic and social success of Marathon County.  Diversity may be a necessity, but this resolution does not propose diversity, it proposes the special treatment and recognition of a certain group of citizens.

I find it disgraceful and distressing that Marathon County’s elected officials’ time and tax payers’ dollars are being wasted on an issue that, looking at the bigger picture, divides people rather than unifies.  I feel whoever proposed this resolution is very selfish and is wasting our governments resources.

Enough is enough; our government should be focused on more important matters.

Best Regards,

Emily Schaefer

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