Editor’s note: This feature at Wausau Pilot and Review highlights volunteer efforts in the Wausau area. For more information or consideration for a future spotlight, email editor@wausaupilotreview-newspack.newspackstaging.com.

Shannon Whaples. Photo courtesy The Salvation Army.

Name: Shannon Whaples

Age: Classified

Residence: Wausau

How did you first get involved with The Salvation Army?

I did not want to drop my son off at 4K and then have to turn around an hour and a half later and come back.

How long have you been volunteering?

My son will be in seventh grade now, so … eight years?

Why did you choose The Salvation Army?

Because it seemed that they had pretty easy hours, I could pick my hours. And I wanted to have a place where I could bring my kids. They come with me during the summer and school vacations.

What is your favorite memory/activity as a volunteer for The Salvation Army?

The pig roast was fun. The pig farmer (who we donate food to), donated a pig, and Tom, the cook here at the time, would bring in his roaster (and cook it for the community meal).

What volunteer jobs have you been involved with for The Salvation Army?

Christmas intake and sorting. I’ve rung bells. Here (bread and produce giveaway), and when I first started I was in the kitchen sometimes, too.

Why should others in the community care about the work The Salvation Army does?
It’s amazing to see the number of people who are helped. I was talking with a friend who used to work at The Salvation Army and the people I saw were not the same people she saw.

Anything else you would like to share about your volunteering with The Salvation Army to help encourage others?

Just come and try it out, don’t ask for someone else to come with you. A lot of people are just too afraid to do something on their own. Just come and try it.

Source: The Salvation Army in Marathon County.