By Shereen Siewert

Marathon County Sheriff’s investigators are asking victims of an alleged elder abuse scheme in both Marathon and Lincoln Counties to come forward with information about any contact with a company operating under the name of Marshall’s General Construction.

Checks would have been made out to Nick or Alex Costa, according to a Marathon County Sheriff’s Department news release.

Police have received multiple complaints that the suspects involved have been contacting rural homeowners stating that their roofs or driveways were in need of repair. The suspects then sprayed a coating on the roofs or driveways that is similar to a nationally marketed product called Flex Seal. But shortly after spraying, the homeowners discovered that the coating is ineffective or that the repairs were not needed, the release states.

Nick and Alex Costa are set to make an initial appearance in Marathon County Circuit Court on Oct. 3, but police are actively seeking additional victims of this scheme. Anyone who has had contact with the Costas, has been a victim of the alleged scheme, or has future contact with representatives of Marshall’s General Construction is urged to call police at 715-261-1200 or 911 to report the incident.