Photo courtesy Everest Metro Police Department.

WESTON — Everest Metro Police Department Sgt. Terrence Peterson recently received the 85th District First Responder of the Year Award.

Peterson recently achieved the 25-year point in his law enforcement career and plans to retire in the coming year. He began his career as a part-time officer with the Stratford Police Department before moving on to full-time work with the Mosinee Police Department in 1988, according to the Everest Metro Police Department. He also worked for the Schofield Police Department before the Everest Metropolitan Police Department formed in 1994.

Among other accolades through his career, Peterson received a Life-Saving Award for his response to a medical emergency at a residence in May of 2018. His quick actions and decisiveness made the difference between life and death, Everest Metro Police Department said.

Peterson is also recognized for fostering relationships with community stakeholders; always being an example of an officer with integrity; and evolving with the ever-changing landscape of policing in the 21st Century.

Nominees for the award were considered on the following criteria:

-A specific heroic action
-A significant professional achievement
-Something special they do for the community during the course of their work
-His or her body of work over time
-His or her length of service

Everest Metro Police Department Chief Clayton Schulz, Captain Shane Heilmann and Captain Nicholas Aldrich nominated Peterson for the award.

Photo courtesy Everest Metro Police Department.