Recognizing that mental health is under funded and the stigma with speaking about or seeking mental health treatment impacts families and communities, SPASH boys soccer and Wisconsin Rapids boys soccer joined together for their annual Kicking the Stigma mental health awareness campaign.

This year, the two soccer programs raised $8,026 for National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, of Portage-Wood counties. On Oct. 14, players and coached presented a check to NAMI.

The Kicking the Stigma campaign raises awareness of mental health support systems in our community. Over the past three years, SPASH and Wisconsin Rapids have raised $17,176 to support NAMI and help shine a light on mental health and its impact on families, teams and communities.

NAMI Portage-Wood counties offers education, support and advocacy for those living with a mental health condition, their families, friends and community members.

Photo courtesy Ascension Wisconsin.