Dear residents of the greater Wausau community,
Do not show disrespect toward that which you do not understand.”
This line jumped out at me from a movie I watched a few days ago, “Just Cause,” which held themes of racial injustice. I watched it following the November Wausau City Council meeting where I was justifiably, I realize, taken to task by persons whom I had disrespected. I realize the line applied to me.
While my words in 2003 were spoken in haste and out of frustration, I do not excuse them, for I disrespected people who struggle to build lives in Wausau for their families. This was not intended, but it does not take away their hurt.
I am sorry for my lack of compassion (and vision), and sincerely apologize for my mistake. Those who know me personally know that I usually “go higher” even under duress, and embrace people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As a humble Christian woman, I make this public offering and seek your forgiveness. Thank you for listening, and for making me do better. I shall demonstrate higher behavior.
Linda Lawrence of Wausau
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