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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers’ administration is seeking to delay Wisconsin’s work requirement for childless adults on Medicaid until April.

The requirement, passed under former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, was originally scheduled to begin Nov. 1. But in September the Democratic Evers administration requested more time. The Legislature’s Republican-controlled budget committee approved a delay until Jan. 30. The Wisconsin State Journal reported that on Wednesday Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm asked for another delay until April 29.

Premiums and some other stipulations adopted by Walker and approved by President Trump’s administration are set to begin Saturday. They include monthly premiums of up to $8 and allowing members to reduce premiums through “healthy behaviors,” such as not smoking or maintaining a healthy weight.

Ten states have had Medicaid work requirements approved, but federal courts have blocked the measures in Arkansas, Kentucky and New Hampshire, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Indiana and Michigan have implemented the program but face legal challenges and have had delays. Arizona, Ohio, South Carolina and Utah, along with Wisconsin, have not started their programs.

Wisconsin plans to limit Medicaid coverage to four years for poor adults without dependent children unless they work, train for a job or participate in certain other activities.

Evers tried to block the work requirement, but the Republican-controlled Legislature kept it. Evers’ administration has said it would implement it.