By Alyssa Frierson

The Weston Village Board of Trustees met on Monday to discuss the deadline for in-person absentee voting, the search for a new aquatics center director and the fate of Ross Avenue.

In-person absentee voting in Weston is already underway and will run through Feb. 14, the Friday before the Feb. 18 primary election. Hours for early voting are8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, though the municipal center will stay open until 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 14.

Weston’s Parks and recreation department director, Shawn Osterbrink, said options are being considered to manage the aquatics center. The department is exploring all possibilities for future management this season and beyond.

Also during the meeting, Public Works DIrector Michael Wodalski explained that construction on Ross Avenue, at the intersection of Birch Street heading east toward the river, is under discussion. The department is contacting various asphalt companies as well as neighboring communities in Rib Mountain and Marathon County to inquire about their processes in improving road conditions.

Patches installed on the road this past fall initially held but have since moved. The surface of Ross Avenue is 10 years old, but Wodalski said the binder underneath is 30 years old.

“The issue seems to be coming from the bottom up, so whatever we do on top just seems to be a band-aid for now,” Wodalski said.

A pavement section from Birch Street westward was replaced in 2009-2010, but at that time all that was replaced of the section heading east was the top portion of the road, Wodalski said.

A full reconstruction will eventually be necessary, but for now the department is working to determine what they can do this summer to extend the road’s usability for a few more years.

No date for the beginning of construction was discussed.