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Pet of the Week: Mia

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My name is Mia and you can see the sadness of my story written all over my face. I came to the shelter as a stray, scared as all get out. Staff tried their best to find my family only to find that their contact information had been deleted from my microchip and they were gone without a trace.

Someone loved me enough to have me spayed and teach me all of my tricks, but then left me behind. That kind of pain changes a girl and adjusting to shelter life has been a struggle. It’s hard for me to trust people and I guess the shelter has just never really felt like home to me.

I’m happiest when I’m outside and around other dogs. Cats kind of scare me sometimes, but I think I could share my home with one. I don’t think I’m the prime candidate for a home with young children because I startle easily and sometimes just want my own space. I want to rise above my circumstances and learn to love again, I just need someone patient and kind to help me through this next phase of my life without leaving me behind.

Editor’s note: Pet of the week is a weekly feature profiling pets at the Humane Society of Marathon County in need of a home. To find out more about this week’s pet and the adoption process, visit the HSMC website here.

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