By Shereen Siewert

A 52-year-old Schofield man is facing a potential 8th charge of operating while intoxicated following an arrest by Mosinee police, an accusation his wife is now contesting.

Neal Callanan, who was convicted of his 7th OWI charge in 2016, is being held in the Marathon County Jail on a preliminary charge of 8th offense OWI, according to a jail intake list from Tuesday, Feb. 18. Official charges have not been filed.

According to a voicemail from Callanan’s wife, Callanan was not drinking when he was behind the wheel but suffered a drop in blood sugar that prompted him to pull off the side of the road. Mrs. Callanan said her husband was belligerent with officers solely due to his medical condition.

Online court records show Callanan was sentenced in October 2016 to three years in prison minus 33 days credit for time served while awaiting trial. But according to the Department of Corrections, Callanan served less than a year of his prison sentence and was released from Racine Correctional in September 2017.

According to DOC online records, Callanan was on extended supervision at the time of his most recent arrest.