By Alyssa Frierson and Shereen Siewert

Village officials in Weston on Monday approved moving forward with a Weston Avenue corridor plan to study future transportation needs and land uses along a section of the roadway.

“Basically what we’re going to do is look at corridor and land uses of the entire Western Avenue from Camp Phillips to (Hwy.) J, and then also look at plans to upgrade it, Jennifer Higgins, director of planning and development said on Monday.

Part of the plan will include identifying and mitigating challenges of working around the wetlands in this area. Some parts of the area may be developed over time, and proper utility placement will also be considered. The project, which will be funded through Tax Increment Financing, will not exceed $50,000.

The plan calls for Madison-based MDRoffers Consulting, LLC to facilitate up to four meetings with a village committee to provide policy direction and oversight, while advising the scope of the project and gathering input from officials and from the public. A project kickoff or brainstorming meeting will be set, with the consultant providing invitation letters and notices on village letterhead to be distributed by Weston staff.

The consultant will explore and relay economic, community development, land use, recreation, transportation and other options and opportunities regarding the Weston Avenue corridor before refining design advice. Up to three alternative design options, each of which will include at least one roadway cross section, are expected, according to village documents. MDRoffers will also suggest basic design parameters for Ryan Street, which will include recommended right-of-way width and access control.

Based on technical evaluation and stakeholder input, MDRoffers will refine preferred conceptual design for Weston Avenue.

Members of the plan commission have discussed the need for the plan as the Schofield Avenue corridor plan nears completion. Village officials say the Weston Avenue corridor plan will be completed regardless of the fate of the Camp Phillips Centre to allow for future development.