Christopher Norfleet is a candidate for Wausau City Council Dist. 1. (Contributed photo)

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Dear editor,

Attention. Attention. Triggered. At what point do you recognize that the real crisis of racism is this community has no feelings about the racism?

All of your institutions are indifferent, dispassionate, unaffected by the unadulterated racism directed at the black community. At what point while writing the life report did anyone feel the black community is in a crisis here in Marathon County and Wausau?

I’m not concerned about the complicity being shown constantly in defense of the abusers. I have felt this crisis since I first arrived and it has only become worse in this community’s approach. Why not dig deep into WTH is going on. I can’t think of a community in which you can continually journal such abuses toward a specific community and nothing comes of it. You shouldn’t need to be black to recognize what is happening here is wrong. The failure to see and hear the truth and act like you have souls is the hurdle.

This white community can chew gum and walk at the same time. You can continue Wausau business and still address your systemic racism. I have been here for four years and have failed to see any changes. The excuses even from so called allies are frightening and dangerous. I can love this community and still hold you accountable.

None of your institutions have responded like it’s a crisis. None of them. Not your politics or education, justice system, banking. The real crisis is your lack of morality, passion and human decency. Ultimately, a community must care before they act; information alone doesn’t move people. You must care about what you hear! Ultimately, I will not be party to this phenomenon. Joseph Ellwanger said while here, “What white people must come to acknowledge this crisis of ethnicity is your fault.” I concur.

Christopher Norfleet of Wausau

Norfleet is challenging Pat Peckham, incumbent, for the District 1 seat of the Wausau City Council.