Dear editor,

I am supporting the re-election of the current mayor based on the high level of success in building the morale of city hall after the previous terms, the success in building in our community, the ability to improve our community and the first responders training. The high level of success in working with our overlapping government agencies has yielded high values for our TIF’s and TID’s.

We have worked on the River Life through some difficult times while we were seeking investors that were well-financed and eager to build on the land that we had treated as a “brown site” and where we had put down pilings to support the new structure. The River Walk is an exciting place and the WOW is used by people and families and now we have completed the park under the bridge.

So now we look at the West Side and a new development that has been in the works and the testing of River Side Park. The City Council, Mayor, and City Hall have been working with other agencies to increase the land value so the city, county, school district, and NTC can have a better tax base.

To accuse city hall and the council of corruption and failing is not proven out by any evidence and it would suggest that all the other agencies are corrupt and negligent as well.

Just because someone does something you don’t like, doesn’t mean it is wrong, doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan, it means you are taking a matter personally and our city hall works for all of the people, not just a few.

The water treatment and waste-water are serious matters long overdue. One is 85 years old and since the other will be considered non-compliant by the DNR in 2022. It is located in a flood plain, requires the water be pumped under the river stores the water supply under the current water level making it susceptible to contamination. We need to act now. We have a plan, we have funding available from the state and federal government and waiting could see other cities and counties get that funding. Loans are at a low time rate and we are meeting the budget and able to see some extra funding available, Wausau is earning our trust everyday.

Support Bob Mielke for Mayor. He is getting things done and making our city and the entire area stronger with solid leadership.

John Enk, Wausau

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