By Shereen Siewert

A 34-year-old former Marshfield Medical Center nurse is accused of stealing oxycodone from a patient she cared for in May 2019.

Casey J. Carpenter, of Marshfield, faces felony charges of intentional abuse of a patient or resident and possession of narcotic drugs, along with a misdemeanor theft charge filed April 2 in Wood County Circuit Court.

Police say Carpenter admitted stealing at least eight pills from a patient and took them home with her because she ran out of her own Oxycodone prescription for back pain.

As part of an internal investigation by Marshfield Medical Center, Carpenter underwent a urine drug test, which was allegedly positive for Oxycodone.

An initial appearance for Carpenter, who has no prior criminal history in Wisconsin, is set for June 29. She faces up to seven years in the Wisconsin Prison System if she is convicted of both felony charges.