Dear editor,

Readers across north central Wisconsin are undoubtedly feeling anxious right now. We are all feeling as though we have entered into unchartered waters and just trying to navigate day-to-day. Times like these are rare but what has always pulled us through them is an abiding sense of community and leadership that we can depend on to help guide us through.

That’s why on May 12 I will be casting my vote for Tom Tiffany for Congress, and I hope you’ll join me in doing so.

Tom is a proven leader for north central Wisconsin. As a state representative and state senator, Tom consistently took the voice of the Northwoods to Madison and made sure that our interests were represented. There is no question that Tom is a strong conservative, but he has consistently put the people of his district above the petty partisan antics of Madison, and he would do the exact same thing in Washington.

Tom understands the needs of the people of northern Wisconsin because he is a lifelong resident of northern Wisconsin. He has had a lifetime of experience working with people across the district and brings that with him every day. Tom has been a fighter for northern Wisconsin, whether it’s been helping to bring businesses to the district, lower the tax burden or keeping over-reaching bureaucrats at bay so that the people of his district had the opportunity to succeed. He’s never lost sight of why he ran for office in the first place, and never will.

We need a strong, principled leader in Washington. One who gets our values and has proven that he will stand up for them, even when the doors are closed, and the cameras turn off. And more than ever President Trump needs an ally in Washington who will help shake things up and get things done for the American people.

Tom is that leader and I hope you will join me in supporting him on May 12.

Sam and Barb Morgan of Wausau

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