Dear editor,

Tom Tiffany is a candidate for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. We will soon go to the polls on May 12 to vote for him. Here’s why we think you should too!

Tom has served as a conservative in our Wisconsin state legislature since 2010, both in the Assembly and now in the Senate. He commits to listening to his constituents, reducing government regulation, improving businesses to further generate job creation, making sure families can make their own healthcare choices, strengthening the institution of marriage and protecting human life.

Tom knows what it’s like to operate a business and care about his customers. He worked in the swamp of Madison and knows what it is like. He is honest and has integrity. He believes we should bring back manufacturing and industry to Wisconsin and this country and not be so dependent upon other nations. He knows if we want Wisconsin to prosper in the future, we need free and even trade between countries. He believes that our borders should be secure, and that immigration should be done by merit and not just luck of the draw. He believes in national security, peace through strength, and in the Second Amendment, which protects all the other amendments. Tom Tiffany believes in our country!

On the other hand, Tricia Zunker will do what she is told to do by Nancy Pelosi. To possibly think that she would have an allegiance to the state of Wisconsin as a U.S. Representative is very naïve. To the Democrats’ credit, they do know how to circle the wagons when it comes to their ideology, and Zunker will do exactly what she is told by their leadership whether it benefits Wisconsin or not. Does anyone believe when she talks about compassion, fairness and being objective, that she really means for Wisconsin residents? Now Nancy Pelosi wants a national paycheck for everyone. Who is going to pay for all the bailouts that the Democratic Party wants? It’s the taxpayer every time! Like free phones and free health care. Are we naïve enough to believe health care is free? And when the taxpayer can no longer pay for the free stuff the Dems want to give everyone, then what? Remember, a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have. Just look at what national health care has done for the VA, Indian tribes, and welfare recipients. Is that where you want your money going? Italy’s health care system has collapsed under Covid-19. Is that our future? We hope not! If we want Wisconsin to succeed at all, we will not want to sell our souls to Nancy Pelosi and company.

Please don’t be fooled. The Democrats think Cuba, Venezuela or other Socialist counties offer more than the U.S. Remember Barack Obama’s apology tour? Remember our Secretary of State John Kerry apologizing to Iran, the world’s No. 1 sponsor of terrorism, for the capture of U.S. seamen in international waters? Remember the billions of dollars transferred to Iran under cover of night? This will be Tricia Zunker — just another Democrat doing what she is told by our Democratic global elites. Nancy Pelosi told people to visit Chinatown at the start of the pandemic, then showed the world her $17/pint ice cream in front of her $24,000 refrigerator. Do you really think she cares about Wisconsinites (or anyone) being out of work and unable to pay their bills or the farmers going broke? Tricia Zunker is also an elite who will fit right in! Haven’t we had enough of getting politics back to “normal?” Can’t we just drain the swamp — and not add to it?

If you feel accordingly, let’s get to the polls on May 12, or mail in your absentee ballot, and vote for Tom Tiffany!

Ron Dotseth of Rib Mountain

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