Dear editor,

While there are a host of reasons for not voting for Tom Tiffany in the forthcoming congressional election, one stands out: his extremely anti-democratic vote in the infamous lame duck session Republicans called after Tony Evers finally rid state government of Scott Walker.  For eight years Republicans had complete control of state government.  They had absolutely no qualms about the power of the governorship or the attorney general’s office during this time.

But when Tony Evers defeated Walker, suddenly, in the most snide, sneaky, cynical underhanded actions I have ever witnessed in Wisconsin politics, Lame Duck Tiffany voted to support Assembly Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Fitzgerald’s spiteful measures to limit the powers of incoming Governor-elect Evers and incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul. Unfortunately, those actions were not a shock given just how corrupt Wisconsin government had become since Walker became governor in 2010, but they do highlight just how anti-democratic the state had become under GOP leadership.  From extreme gerrymandering to voter suppression measures, they have no shame.

In their book “How Democracies Die,” Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt note that to function well, there are not only rules set out in constitutions, but there are also informal rules of decency that need observance if the system is going to function through time.  Think the notion of “the loyal opposition.”  This past decade especially, Wisconsin Republicans have abandoned these informal notions and have steamrolled their way along.  They evidently believe a majority of Wisconsin voters are so dumb that they won’t hold the scoundrels responsible for their despicable actions.  Defeating Lame Duck Tommy is a good way to disprove them. Voting for Tricia Zunker is another way to get this message across and restore healthy government to the state.

Jerry Buerer of Woodruff

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