Dear editor, 

This is a direct response to Ms. (Christine) Salm’s letter on racism. 

I find Ms. Salm’s comments extremely disturbing, especially with her being an educator.

“Racism is white people’s original sin.” That’s a direct quote. It’s also a huge stereotype and a gigantic lie.

For far too long we have accepted these comments without direct challenge. 

Racism is not exclusive to white people. Far from it. Hate comes in all colors, all races and far too often it’s directed at those of another race simply for that reason. 

You’ll hear many say racism can’t exist without the power to oppress the other person. And again that is a flat out lie.

At it core, racism is hate, disrespect and ignorance. 

And I’ve seen that first hand far to often. A heavily accented Latino male telling a young Asian male to go back to his own country. That’s racism. A Native American calling a black  woman the “N” word or “B” word, that’s racism. 

On a street right in Wausau a black man telling a white man to “Get out,” This is a “black hood now,” that’s racism. My own children of Native descent (on their mother’s side) called the “N” word by fellow students who were black. That’s racism.

I’ve literally stood and fought white racists. Many years ago I was jumped simply because I was white in a restaurant in this very town.

So do not continue to spread the false narrative that racism and its hate is exclusive to white people.

We have allowed media, government and teachers to hammer this lie into the psyche of America for too long, and it must stop. All this is doing is perpetuating the divide created between us. 

And yes it has been created. It has been cultivated, nurtured and grown. All for political power, media ratings and all of us black, white or purple with pink polka dots have been made cannon fodder in this war of race. 

When the truth is the vast majority of all of us don’t accept such ignorance or hate. In ourselves or in others. 

Are there issues we must address? Absolutely yes. Sub-par schools allowed to degrade, infrastructures, taxes, regulation preventing good jobs from returning to our cities. The outrageous cost of housing driven up by local and state taxes and federal policy. All of these we can and must address.

Life in most major cities without a near six-figure income means struggle, it means poverty, it means crime, frustration. And it means hate. 

These are what we need to address. These are what we can fix. What we must fix. 

What happened to Mr. (George) Floyd is intolerable. And we still don’t know the full story.  Was there a prior relationship? Were there known health issues? Did the evil man have a grudge against George? Did race play a part? Likely. Is that the whole story? Doubtful. We just don’t know yet.

Ms. Salm’s letter lay the entire  blame at the feet of all white people. And that is racism. 

I suggest she study world history a bit closer. Racism has always existed, within every race on the planet. It has been a human sin since before recorded time.

Patrick Adams of Wausau

Editor’s note: Salm’s letter to the editor was published in the Wausau Pilot and Review on June 1.

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