Majors Paul and Barbara Logan. Photo courtesy The Salvation Army.

WAUSAU – The Salvation Army of Wausau is now under the veteran leadership of Majors Paul and Barbara Logan, who arrived July 1.

“We are looking forward to partnering with others to meet the needs of the community,” said Major Paul Logan in a news release.

The Logans have worked for The Salvation Army across the central United States and the Caribbean, according to The Salvation Army. They have served on many mission trips and were involved in emergency disaster services that included responding to 9/11. They’ve had opportunities to administer a daycare, a 24/7 shelter, a seasonal shelter, a summer camp, a children’s home and many other programs.

Paul Logan was commissioned (ordained) in 1981 and Barbara in 1982 in Chicago, where they met and were later married in July of 1982.  Paul has a Master of Business Administration and Barbara has a degree in practical ministries. Before coming to Wausau, they worked at the College for Officer Training in Chicago where Paul was the business director for the college and taught classes.  Barbara was the family care center director and also taught classes.

The Logans have two children and three grandchildren. Their son and daughter-in-law live and work in Wisconsin. Their daughter and her husband are also pastors in The Salvation Army, serving in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Salvation Army transfers its officers at its discretion. Lieutenants Vatthana and Donna Thammavongsa, who served in Wausau for three years, were transferred to serve at the Chicago Salvation Army location.