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Dear editor,

Here’s hoping the city will pass the residential development planned for Thomas street.

The street has been upgraded beautifully with new infrastructure, new businesses and new housing . No one could believe this is the same street we had there for so many years having a ghetto-like atmosphere.

I for one avoided driving on that street when I had out of town company because it was in such terrible shape.

The structures proposed are attractive and am sure will be rented out quickly because there is a draw for high end housing. Plus we are fortunate to have a developer desiring to build in that area, bringing the neighborhood an upgraded feel.

The financial repercussions for the city and its residents are immense: almost 200k PER YEAR would be gained with this proposal for the city and its residents.

Turning down this proposal is not only turning down 200k per year for the city but also can contribute to a reputation of Wausau being a bad area for business. We used to be known as an area that is good for business, but now, I am not so sure.

So please, do the right thing for the residents and the city of Wausau to support this development. It’s a moneymaker for us.

Frederick Tealey, Wausau