Dear editor,

Sen. Jerry Petrowski, Rep. Pat Snyder, and the Republican Party bring shame to all that was once good about Wisconsin and the values we hold so dear. Of course, they have no decency or conscience to be ashamed.

They continue to sit on their butts and haven’t reported to work for over 140 days while getting paid by us, the taxpayers. They continue to collect their generous salary and benefits and now have lots of time to campaign at the taxpayers’ expense!

Millions of Wisconsinites go to work every single day during this pandemic putting their health and lives on the line, as well as the health and lives of their families and others, while Sen. Petrowski and Rep. Snyder and their party don’t show up for work.

If they worked for a company, they would be fired. As they smugly collect their pay and benefits and don’t show up for work, they know the system was rigged in 2011 by the gerrymandered districts and they don’t have to report for work.

I am ashamed for them and our state as they drag the reputation of Wisconsin through the mud. What has happened and is happening in Wisconsin is being covered by the national newspapers and the national media. The Milwaukee Bucks and other professional sports teams are speaking up and taking action.

But Sen. Jerry Petrowski, Rep. Pat Snyder, and the Republican Party continue to bleed the taxpayers and sit idly on the sidelines.

They should be ashamed.

Joyce Luedke of Rothschild

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