Dear editor,

I have voted for many years, I consider it a right and privilege that has been granted by the U.S. Constitution. I have always voted for the candidate that I thought would honor the Constitution and the ideas that would set us apart from other nations.

Too many times I have seen those same candidates sit on their haunches and do nothing but protect their privileged positions. They promise and promise us that if only we give them more money and vote them in again, they will honor our wishes. Despite the fact that “to protect and serve” is the main job of our elected leaders, many have failed miserably. They have allowed our cities and businesses to burn, be looted and destroyed. 

Leaders that back the many extreme Marxist movements, forget that they were raised in a country whose foundation is based on Christianity and Judaism beliefs. A country that honors its heroes, honors hard work in an individual’s job choice, not dictated by their government.

I voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 because he truly loves this country. President Trump sees the inherent good in most people and wants to improve what our founding fathers set in motion.

Joe Biden and his chosen vice president support the violence and destruction of our cities in an effort to “remake” an America that they despise. They think America needs to be remade according to their laws and not the Constitution.

I am again voting for Donald J. Trump, a man that loves God and his country. He will work incessantly to accomplish what he has promised the citizens of this beautiful land we call America.

LaVerne Rondeau of Weston

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