Over the past several weeks, Wausau Pilot & Review received letters addressed to Santa Claus from young children in Wausau and throughout the region. We’ve sent them on to Santa at the North Pole, as promised. The letters we received from children are reprinted here. Did we miss one? Email letters to editor@wausaupilotandreview.com and we’ll add them. To each and every one of you, have a very Merry Christmas (and here’s to a much better new year!)

Dear Santa,

My name is Attarah I am 2 years old I would really like a big elsa doll and the movie frozen also my 1 week old brother would really like a boppy pillow one he can get strapped into we both have been really good I will have your milk and cookies waiting for you 

Dear Santa:

My name is Ethan and I am 6 years old but you know that. This year I tried to be good but sometimes I forgot. I’m sorry about being mean to my little sister sometimes but she is probably on the naughty list so you know what I mean. This year I would like a remote control car. I want a puppy too but my Mom says you don’t bring those. I hope you had a good year. Say hi to Rudolph for me and I hope he’s doing good.

Love, Ethan

Dear Santa; 

I love Mickey mouse club house. A Mickey DVD that i can watch in the car. Merry Christmas Santa! 
Love: Stephanie  (Age 7)

Dear Santa:

I don’t want much for Christmas cause I know the true meaning of Christmas and Every single year Stephanie my sister gets not a lot but i realized I dont need any gifts this year all i want is for Stephanie is a gift she can play with cause she has Rett syndrome; that gives her a speech and mobility disorder. please get her a gift not me. 

From Michala Barrett, Age 10 

Dear Santa,

Hi. I’m John Guevara. I am 7 years old. I’m for SURE on the Nice List.

Here is a list of items that I would like:

  • A big remote control car that I can sit in and drive too
  • Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch (Pikachu character)
  • Machete like my big brother has
  • 10 pound weight, color black, so I can get Stronger
  • Machete like my big brother has
  • Apple iPad charger
  • New blanket and pillow
  • Stuffed elephant monkey and bear so I can play with my baby brother
  • Money for Roblox bucks
  • New shirt and pants
  • New red and white toothbrush that lights up

Merry Christmas Santa,

John Guevara

Dear Santa:

I know this is far fetched but I wish that all viruses like Covid be reverted and gone. A lot of people suffer. My sister has Rett Syndrome and I just want her to be safe. I miss school but my sister means more to me so I learn from home until it’s safe. Just think about it. Merry Christmas
Sincerely, Christopher  (age 12) 

Dear Santa:

Hello! I am Zaria. I would like a pretty necklace and earrings this year. I can’t wait for the snow. I also like sweaters or pretty pillows.

Thank you, Zaria

Dear Santa Claus,

My one wish is for paw patrol toys. I love paw patrol. Merry Christmas  Love, Krystina  (Age 8) 

Dear Santa:

I hope you are ready for Christmas Day, I want to give you my list if you don’t have it yet.  I would like a Remote Control Drone, Bowl of Candy, Confetti Shooters, and a break for Mom.  Love, Brogan L

Dear Santa:

I have been good sometimes, I hope you see my good side. I want a skateboard, an underminer toy, and a scooter with skis to ride in the snow!

Love, Bentley L

Dear Santa,

I want lots of toys for Christmas. Also…we are taking really good care of Tommy. (Our elf)
And Santa…just wondering…am I on the nice list this year? I may make mistakes sometimes but I don’t mean to.
Riley R.

Dear Santa:

I don’t need anything this year but I hope you can bring my dad something. He’s been very sad and I think a dog or even a bunny rabbit would make him happy. I hope you are doing good. Actually, I would like a stuffed animal, too.

Love, Emma

Dear Santa:

Hi I am 7 and my brother said you aren’t real but I know you are. If you are real please can you bring me anything Lego. Especially something I can make a starship out of. I hope you didn’t get covid because that would be bad.

Love, Harper

Dear Santa:

My name is Nessa. I like to read and paint my nails. This year I would like some pretty necklace and earrings. A sweater or a sweatshirt size XL.

Thank you,


Dear Santa:

This year it’s been hard to be good all the time but I really try. I hope I am on the nice list.

I really really really really really want a new bike. Mine is too small. Even though I can’t ride it in the winter. I could ride it in the basement. Maybe?

I believe in you.

Love, Olivia

Dear Santa Clause,

This year I don’t want any toys I just want the virus to go away and people to get vasinated so they arent sick anymore. Also my mom would like her job back and that would be the best present ever. Love, Maya

Dear Santa Claus!

My name is Kayleigh and I am 7. How are you and your reindeer? Do you have covid at the north pole? I want a Pokemon game or a Lil Gleemerz. Love, Kayleigh

Dear Santa,

My name is Kelvin. I am 17 years old. For Christmas this year I would like a gaming card or a few pairs of sweat pants size large. Thanks, Kelvin


Hi I am a 13 year old boy who wants a gaming card or a cool toy for a boy. I do want some Christmas lights for my room that are blue. I am so excited. Thank you,


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is for my dad to come home. He is in the Army. Please! I believe in you and we miss him a lot.

Love, William

Dear Santa:

I am Sophia age 6. This year I would like some slippers and a new pillow or a learn to sew kit. I hope you like the cookies I’m going to leave out. We might not have milk but if we do I will leave some.

Love, Sophia

Dear Santa,

I wish I could be with my grandma this year but we can’t because of the virus. I want lots of toys and a telescope to see the stars from my room. How are the elfs?

Love, Eli age 5

Dear Santa and Rudolph,

How are you? I am fine. I have been good I promise. My mom is having a bad time so if you could bring her money that would be good. I think 5 or 10 would help. I want a cat. I would take care of her and feed her and everything. I love you. I hope the reindeer are good too.

Love, Isabella

Dear Santa,

This year can you find a cure for covid? Then we can see my grandma and grandpa again like before. Also I would like a tablet or some games. Or a scooter. I am 6 and I have been good.

Love, Charlie

Dear Santa:
I don't know if you are real. My mom says you are but my uncle said no. I think you are real! Thank you for the gifts last year. They were great. This year I would like a remote control truck. And I want some other toys too but I will love whatever the elves make and you bring. I am always good. Well maybe not always but I try to. Merry Christmas!!!!!! 
Love, Alex

Dear Santa,

I’m sorry if I’ve been bad but I try to be good. Online school is not fun. I hope I can go back to real school next year. I can’t go because my sister has spina biffida and she could die so we are all at home. Anyway this year I would like a bike so I can ride it and to see my friends. Any other toys too. I hope you don’t have covid. And the reindeer and everyone at the North Pole.

Love, Jackson

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Chloe. I know people say you aren’t real but I think you are. I would like a play kitchen and some candy. I hope you don’t think I am bad. I’m not!

From your friend,


Thank you to all the parents and children who submitted their letters for publication, a long newspaper tradition across the country that we are delighted to participate in. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did. Did we miss one? Email letters to editor@wausaupilotandreview.com and we’ll add them. Have a magical, wonderful holiday!