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Dear Editor, 

Mr. Plonsky’s December 28 letter about Representative Tom Tiffany’s decision to join the Texas appeal to the Supreme Court, asking it to overturn the election results in Wisconsin, is timely and instructive.

Rep. Tiffany’s recent actions show he is not addressing the needs of thousands of citizens who actually cast their votes for him. In addition to being the only Wisconsin lawmaker to join the Texas suit:

  • He voted against the omnibus spending/covid relief bill which ensured the government would stay open and millions of Americans, including many in his district, would receive financial relief they desperately need including uninterrupted unemployment benefits.  
  • Tiffany’s office falsely claimed the covid relief bill would provide a large amount of money for foreign aid.  Money designated for foreign aid was in the omnibus spending, not the covid relief bill.  His office also asserted if people went out and got jobs they wouldn’t need unemployment benefits, a callous assertion during a period in which many employment sectors are laying off, not hiring workers.
  • Mr. Tiffany also recently voted against moving forward with the national defense spending authorization bill which means he apparently underplays the importance of a pay raise for members of the armed services and benefits for veterans including those who were exposed to agent orange in the Vietnam War.  In his opposition to this bill, he is showing a clear lack of regard for the service members, past and present, and their families, in his district.
  • Finally, he most recently voted against awarding $2,000 rather than $600 payments to those Americans making less than $75,000 a year which would include thousands of citizens in his district.  This payment would not only offer much needed help to individuals and families, it would boost the general economy and be a job creator.

We must find every way we can to encourage Mr. Tiffany’s supporters, whose interests and needs he is consistently voting against, to stay informed about his actions.  We must help in those efforts to keep them informed.  The 2022 congressional campaign to unseat Mr. Tiffany should begin today. 

When we can get together safely in living rooms, restaurants, town hall meetings and other community events, let’s do that but with a special eye to talking to former Tiffany voters about where their real interests lie. 

Jean Fisher Wausau