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Dear editor,

At the request of the Governor, Speaker Vos has pulled the GOP Clown Cadillac into Madison.  Since these clowns are supposed to represent you, let’s first have a show of hands.

How many of you have had or are having problems getting your unemployment benefits?  Benefits that you need, through no fault of your own, to feed your family and keep a roof over your head.  Wow, that many.  Sorry you are suffering, I hope maybe we can improve things.  OK, hands down.

Now, how many of you would really like to be exposed to even more COVID so that you can possibly become permanently disabled or even die, JUST BEFORE you are able to get the vaccine.  Interesting, got a few hands there, I guess there is some in the “Give me Death” crowd out there.

So, of course, our brilliant “leaders” in the GOP roared back into Madison and gaveled out of the session that would address our unemployment system in 30 seconds without doing a damn thing.  Then they went on to bitch and moan about the Governor doing his job.

I am not sure when Conservative Values were edited to make the Legislature the “bystander” branch of government, that takes almost a year off, at taxpayer expense, except for occasionally giving the Supreme Court something to screw up.

When Vos and company did finally decide, that well maybe. they could do a little tiny bit of work, being newly re-elected and all, they decided that the most important issue they could think of was making sure just a few more people can get COVID before we vaccinate it out of our lives.  It is always nice to have the pro-disease caucus in town. 

Next they will be removing those pesky sanitation regulations from oppressed food service workers.  Who needs handwashing rules when salmonella is just a “storm raging inside you?”  Hardly ever actually kills people.  After that perhaps they will get around to defunding health departments, because who needs vaccines and stuff anyway. 

Oh wait.

It’s OK, after they defund public health, that will give them even more time to complain about vaccines that they won’t take not being distributed fast enough.

Here locally we also have a bit of a deeper mystery.  Our Assembly Rep, Pat Snyder, is so enthralled with getting paid for not working that he seems to have disappeared entirely.  Now, Pat is not exactly what you would call a hard worker.  His previous job was to pretend to have “conservative” opinions on every possible subject and then blab them into a microphone for a couple of hours each day.

Now, he can’t even be bothered to do that much.  It was my understanding that taking taxpayer money for doing nothing was definitely NOT a conservative value.  But Pat and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP has perfected this very NOT conservative art.

And why shouldn’t they really?  Take nine months off, get paid, and then not get held accountable by being voters by being re-elected. Who could blame them for casting off any vestige of conservatism?  Why study the issues and work hard for the good of the people of Wisconsin?  That is so Twentieth Century.  Maybe a Reagan Republican would do that, but these are the newfangled Republicans.

Even though the Founding Fathers thought of the Legislature as the first among equals in our government, Vos and company have a very different idea.  They see themselves as a Peanut Gallery that puts out a couple press releases to outrage the easily outraged, gerrymander up the state and float on by, depending on the laziness of voters to pencil in the circle for anything with R after it to keep them in office.  Their only other thoughts are how to get themselves promoted to either the Governor’s mansion or better yet to Washington, where the really good restaurants are.  Typical career politicians.  Not “conservative” in the least.

You would think Wisconsin would deserve better, wouldn’t you? 

Bill Coady, Wausau