Site coordinator Abby Lichtscheidl records weight of household hazardous waste. Photo courtesy Portage County Solid Waste.

The household hazardous waste program at Portage County Solid Waste Department is now accepting appointments to drop off waste through November at the transfer facility in Plover.

Household hazardous waste is any waste product found in your home, yard or garage that can cause substantial harm to human health or the environment when improperly managed. Examples of hazardous materials and where to find them include:

Car care – Degreasers, fuel line antifreeze, gasoline, fuels, carburetor cleaner and waxes

Garage – Fertilizer, weed killer, insect and bug killer, mothballs, rodent poison and pool chemicals

Household– Drain cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, furniture polish, toilet, tub and tile cleaners, and mercury thermostats and thermometers

Pressurized containers – Full or partially full aerosol cans

Workshop – Adhesives and glues, floor wax and furniture stripper, oil- and lead-based paint, mineral spirits, paint thinner and remover, stain, varnish, lacquer, lighter fluid, turpentine and wood preservatives

Participants pay a small fee of $0.75 per pound for most items to cover the cost of disposal not covered by the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection and the Portage County Solid Waste Department.   

Call 715-346-1931 to make an appointment.