Dear editor,

James Baldwin said it best; ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.

As the April 6 (Wausau) School Board election draws near and I look at the slate of candidates out there, I want a school board that will look at all sides of an issue. I don’t want a school board with a single focus. Our school board should be composed of well thought out citizens that are looking futuristically and not for isolated gain.

Our current school board president, Tricia Zunker, stands out to me as someone who has faced so much adversity, especially in the last year and has done so with nothing less than grace and professionalism.

Dr. Kay Gruling is also a striking candidate. Being a physician, Dr. Gruling has been trained to look beyond the most obvious solution and she certainly trusts science. Her children are both graduates of Wausau schools.

Nic Bisgrove is an emerging, hardworking young father with two children in the Wausau School District. Nic is a financial professional and this alone is a huge asset on our school board. This, along with being young and growing up in this community, being well thought out, are all immense assets. Nic wants to learn and he will work hard.

Wausau schools are truly the finest. They got that way with incredible dedicated citizens. Let’s continue that tradition and vote for these three!

Nancy Stencil of Wausau

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