Coleton Schubring

Coleton Schubring

Hometown: Wausau

High school attended: Wisconsin Valley Lutheran

Current program or major: Business finance

Why did you choose UW-Stevens Point at Wausau?

Having grown up in the Wausau area I was familiar with UWSP at Wausau. It was always one of my top choices in colleges to attend. My sister attended UWSP at Wausau when it was UWMC and always said great things about the school and the professors. I also was not 100 percent sure what I wanted to study. I noticed that UWSP at Wausau offered a financial degree, one of the majors I was considering.

What surprised you the most about the university when you arrived on campus?

I was very surprised with how great the professors are at UWSP at Wausau. I always felt that they cared about my education and were willing to reach out to any struggling student. Lori Brandt, my academic advisor, was very helpful and always helped me stay on track with my career. The friendly staff and opportunities available at UWSP at Wausau are amazing and have really helped me grow as a business professional.

How or when did you discover your purpose? How did UW-Stevens Point at Wausau faculty/staff help?

Growing up, many family members let me work in their businesses. Going into college with those hands-on experiences, I thought it would be a career to consider. After taking a few business classes with some great professors, I knew that this was a career path I wanted to pursue. Every class felt interesting and I could relate to the topics through my own experiences with some of my family’s businesses. The UWSP faculty and staff allowed me to expand my knowledge and take the next steps toward my career. The friendliness and openness of the professors has really helped me grow. They were always willing to answer questions after class, during class or during office hours, which made understanding the material that much easier.

Why did you choose your program/major?

When searching through college options I saw that UWSP at Wausau offered an associate’s degree in finance, and I knew I could transfer to the Stevens Point campus to finish my degree (and now the Wausau campus also offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration). Having a sibling go through UWSP also pushed me to pursue UWSP at Wausau for my education.

Who has been your favorite professor or staff member?

Scott Sybeldon was an instructor that really stood out to me and really made learning business easy and interesting. He didn’t just teach the material, but also used real-life situations apply the material to the business community. The connection to the business industry outside of the classroom made it easier for me to understand exactly what was meant and also helped me prepare for my career.

In addition to being a college student, what takes up your free time?

Much of my free time is taken up by work. I currently work at Lewis Construction where I work 30 to 40 hours a week while attending college full-time. In the summer months I average 58 hours a week. I have learned how to balance work and school life and know that with hard work and help from my professors, I can succeed in both. It really is important to take advantage of the study opportunities and helpful information the professors and campus have offer to ensure a better quality of learning.

What do you plan to do after attending UW-Stevens Point at Wausau?

After I finish my classes at UWSP at Wausau, I plan to attend the Stevens Point campus to complete my undergraduate degree in business finance. In the future I may decide to pursue an MBA, now also offered through UWSP in Stevens Point and Wausau. I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have obtained to advance in the business industry.

To make the most of their college experience, what advice do you have for incoming students?

I think it is important to take advantage of the opportunities UWSP-Wausau and the Stevens Point campus have to offer. There are many events that offer multiple educational topics that can be very useful for classes as well as understanding your career. Professors make themselves available for students to ask questions, it is important to take advantage of that opportunity to learn about topics discussed or upcoming exams.

Source: UW Stevens Point at Wausau