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WAUSAU – The city of Wausau will offer its residents rain barrels at a discounted price as part of its new WAUter Savvy initiative.

This pilot program gives Wausau residents the opportunity to buy a $75 rain barrel for $50, thanks to a utility commission subsidy. Non-Wausau residents can buy the rain barrels for $75, which is 35 percent off the retail price.

You can buy the rain barrels now through May 24 at Wausau residents can buy up to two rain barrels at a price of $50 each; additional barrels will cost $75 each. The barrels will be available for pickup in early June at Wausau’s department of public works.

Rain barrels are a great way to reduce rainwater runoff, prevent soil erosion, conserve water, and give your garden its favorite kind of water: rain. Contact Wausau’s engineering department at 715-261-6740 with any questions.